Trainers Wanted

Is it time to start your own business as a Personal fitness trainer?

A New Direction for Personal Trainers

Private Training

Are you tired of giving half your income to large chain fitness facilities? Do you work the long hours of split schedules with minimum wage and poor sales percentage for training packages sold? Is your manager at the club more concerned about your sales goals than your success as a trainer? Or maybe you are a private trainer working in a studio that has poor equipment choices, high rental fees, etc.

If any of these circumstances sound familiar, then maybe 6 Degree Fitness can introduce you to what's new in the world of private training.

Time to Start

We understand that everyone has a starting point in their career choice and a learning curve, but there comes a time where it's time to move on. Why? Either it's for financial reasons, quality of life or what we loved doing as a personal trainer has now become depressing and very un-motivating. Or maybe your thinking about the Biggest excuse of all! Maybe you're thinking...'I can't make it as a private trainer on my own".

Best Result

On December 1, 2007, a group of personal trainers and investors came together to develop a solution to improve the fitness industry. This approach not only addresses the looming health crisis. It also offers a way to significantly increase personal training income and to reduce membership failure.

6 Degree Fitness opened its first fitness studio offering 3000 sq. ft. of top of the line fitness/sport performance equipment, handpicked by our training staff. We've also designed a profit structure to maximize personal training income. Come check us out, it could be your dream too!

Call for Interview

If you have any questions or feel you qualify and would like to schedule an interview, please contact David Agamegwa 562-595-2599 or contact us and we will email you a Personal Trainers package with more information.

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