The Gym

Fitness Center - Gym - Weight Loss - Long Beach, CA
Fitness Center - Gym - Weight Loss - Long Beach, CA

The Gym

Comprehensive Range of pro body building equipment
6 Degree Fitness provides a comprehensive range of pro body building equipment and services available to each member. Members receive a free personal training session upon sign up and a training journal with two different levels from beginner to intermediate. We take the time to introduce you to the wide variety of equipment and get you started on the right track from the beginning. Click on the images below for a larger view.


6 Degree Fitness was established in December, 2007. Our mission is to change lives through improved physical fitness and health. We help people set and attain their goals using proven methods, expert training, and state-of-the-art equipment. We have created a professional atmosphere that is positive, friendly and results oriented.
When you become a member of 6 Degree Fitness, our skilled staff will not only offer you the expertise and tools necessary to reach your targets, but also provide you the personal support needed to transform your life. We succeed when YOU succeed!

6 Degree Fitness

the diamond symbol

The Diamond Symbol

The diamond symbolizes the pressures of life and the strength needed to accomplish our goals. "6 Degrees" refers to the social network which links us to each other and can enable us to accomplish our dreams. So Get Connected...Feel the Difference with 6 Degree Fitness.


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